2017 Embassy Chef Challenge

An evening of cultural cuisine, drinks and entertainment presented by Events DC.

Events DC’s Embassy Chef Challenge brought more than culinary excellency. The evening included cultural performances ranging from dances to traditional music. I held no expectations other than an empty stomach fully prepared to enjoy anything given to me. I tried cuisine from more than 20  countries and left fully satisfied. Several open bars surrounded the main entrances where performances took place. Select countries offered imported wines and refreshing cocktails that embodied countries’ favorite refreshments. I never waited more than 15 minutes to try a dish, but several countries ran out before the evening could commence. Guess I’ll be back next year to try them all!

Bomber Jacket: Uniqlo.

Shirt: Nintendo x Uniqlo.

Pants: Uniqlo.

Sneakers: Nike Vapormax in Asphalt.

Kiss my airs

The revolution never ends. Welcome, Vapormax.

Photos by TheKevinJ.

Air Max Month might have passed, but it certainly doesn’t stop Nike from marketing their latest addition to the bubble line. Nike designed every cushion on this sneaker to provide a flexible feel when supporting the foot. The flyknit structure is something we’ve seen on a number of shoes in the past few years, and nothing beats its comfort.

The asphalt colorway makes the sneaker versatile for any outfit. I paired these with an all black outfit complete with my latest Kaws x Peanuts x Uniqlo shirt and a pastel Supreme hat.


Hat: Supreme.

Jacket: H&M.

Shirt: Kaws x Peanuts x Uniqlo.

Jeans: Paige.

Sneakers: Nike VaporMax.