Terakawa Ramen

Summer heat can’t stop the ramen love.

My love for ramen doesn’t stop because it’s 90 degrees outside. During my trip to Philadelphia, I stopped at Chinatown for a steaming noodle bowl. We started off with the takoyaki and chicken cutlet curry. From top to bottom, we ordered the miso ramen, bibim noodle (on the new/special menu) and the tan tan ramen.

If you’re ever craving a hot bowl of noodle soup, be sure to stop at Terakawa. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my adventures at the mosaic garden and maze exhibition!

Mosaic visionary

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens round two.

Isaiah Zagar’s mosaic art museum makes anyone’s tourist list when visiting Philadelphia. The small, scenic space utilizes nontraditional materials such as glass bottles, bike wheels, fragments of mirrors, hand-made tiles and more. The surrounding neighborhood also hosts a number of additional mosaic murals, which can be seen while walking around the city.

For last year’s visit, click here. Outfit details in the aMazed post from a few days ago.

aMAZEd in Philadelphia

Can you find your way through this mirrored adventure?

Several years ago, I followed ViktorVash on Instagram because I loved his photography. When he posted images from his visit to the Franklin Institute, I made a point to see it this summer. Philadelphia is only a few hours from my hometown in Maryland. When my mom called me one day and explained she wanted to visit the city, I jumped at the chance and invited my sister and fiancé for the adventure.

The science museum hosts “A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature” through September 4. Immediately upon entering, you’ll be shocked by the neon lights and stunning patterns that seem to surround yourself endlessly. After bumping into a few mirrors, you can find your way around the immersive experience. The 1700-square-foot maze challenges you to discover how geometry, tessellations and repetitions are the basis of design in the world today.

You can explore the rest of the museum once you’ve found your way out. Your inner child will come out as you soak in all the science and technology in the building. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!

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Black Sheep

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Dress: Rebecca Minkoff.

Sneakers: Opening Ceremony.


Magic gardens and liquid nitrogen ice cream with TheKevinJ.

Photos by TheKevinJ.

A special shout out to TheKevinJ who basically kept my head above water the past few weeks. This included a spontaneous trip to a somewhat nearby city, Philadelphia. We played tourists and wandered in Magic Gardens and indulged in liquid nitrogen ice cream. More pictures and video soon to come.

Phila-Just Souled Out Phila-Just Souled Out Phila-Just Souled Out Phila-Just Souled Out

Dress: Aqua.

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster.

Sneakers: Adidas Originals NMD Off-White.


Photos by TheKevinJ.


The end of the dog days

Back-to-school basics with this solid tunic, Supreme snapback and Nike Air Max 90’s.

It’s the week before Labor Day weekend and it signifies a rush of summer regret.

Did you wish to go to the beach and never did? It’s okay, I’m in the same boat. Why can’t summer hours exist through the year? I guess we can look forward to shorter days and a long winter.

To soak up the bit of summer, I headed to Georgetown to walk up and down M street for a final time. Now filling with college students, the street is a reminder of how much the area has changed from the beginning of when I started college in 2010 to now. So many shops have gone in and out; restaurants sink or swim.

It’s a reminder that change occurs on a regular basis, but it’s natural.

Despite my younger sister finally attending my alma matter (UMD), I can’t help but feel nostalgic. I paired some basics, perfect for the fall season as if I was about to head to class.


I paired my hype-worthy hat that I bought right when I arrived in New York city after graduating college with my Joe’s Jeans and Nike Air Max’s I recently bought from KITH and my latest summer city visit.

While I love summer for its ability to wear high-waisted shorts and cute flared skirts, I miss wearing jeans especially in the summer. On cooler days when the evening temperatures fall below 70s, I’m prepared to throw on my jeans, grab a burger and eat outside under a lamp post.


As summer comes to a close, I plan to head to Philadelphia for Budweiser’s Made in America musical festival to reminisce in my college days and live out an annual tradition I celebrate with my best friend (who just started her first year in medical school!) Lauren! We’re planning on taking on all the Philly cheesesteaks and rage to J. Cole, Beyonce, Big Sean and most importantly: The Weeknd.

Hope to see you there! Cheers to the end of high humidity levels and sweaty evenings. Hello lace tights and oversized sweaters!

Hat: Supreme.

Shirt: Me to We.

Jeans: Joe’s.

Sneakers: Nike Air Max 90.