Stay on the edge

The edge of the Four Seasons Miami.

This year marks my first experience with Miami Spice, the two-month restaurant promotion of Miami restaurants. Justin and I rolled up to Stubborn Seed (post coming soon!) only to divert from the Miami Spice menu and order a la carte instead.

The following evening we walked to the Four Seasons Miami and found a glorious waterfall at the front of the hotel with lights showcasing the EDGE Steak & Bar logo. We took an elevator up in the Four Seasons Miami where we immediately came face-to -face with a dimly lit bar that reminded us of New York restaurants. Orb lightbulbs dangled from the ceiling adding that hint of a Brooklyn vibe.

Before arriving, we looked at both the Miami Spice and regular dinner service menu. We made the decision to both go with the promotion, especially since the Miami New Times published the eatery on its top 10 listicle. We tried the Hamachi Tiradito as well as the Lamb and Apricot Terrine for appetizers and both ordered the Creekstone Farms Rib Eye since it was likely neither of us would ever order a 20-ounce steak, which is what’s served during regular dinner hours. We finished the evening with one of each dessert: Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta and the Dark Chocolate Opera Cake.

We currently live in a world where an increasing number of eaters note that restaurant weeks and promotions, such as Miami Spice, no longer hold true value as venues skimp on dishes or opt for cheaper experiences that divert from its true offering. EDGE Steak & Bar luckily doesn’t fall under the storm and actually adds a beacon of light as many restaurants shift its marketing for special public events. The Miami Times hit home with this one; Edge is a top ten Miami Spice restaurant.






EDGE Steak & Bar is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel Miami at 1435 Brickell Avenue.

Overflowing buns

Try Asian fusion at Gigi in Wynwood, Miami.

Gigi‘s giant windows drew me into its space for lunch one weekend. The Asian fusion restaurant looked intriguing especially since it’s located in the Wynwood District. We even spotted a chicken crossing the road as we walked along the road.

The overflowing buns gave us a reason to go back, especially during Monday evening when they cost two for one. Be sure to check out weekly specials such as this sushi dish. Yelpers raved about the cornbread and it’s worth starting with a layer of sea salt half melted butter. Finally, complete your meal with thinly sliced grilled octopus.

Gigi - Just Souled OutGigi - Just Souled OutGigi - Just Souled OutGigi - Just Souled OutGigi - Just Souled OutGigi - Just Souled OutGigi - Just Souled Out