29Rooms New York

How many can you visit in three hours?

I spent 24 hours in New York with one sole purpose: visit 29Rooms. The long-weekend art exhibition took place last year with an overwhelming positive response. Hosted by Refinery29, 29Rooms might be the most instagrammable event of the year.

Each room holds a different installation, as well as a warehouse floor filled with additional large pieces.

Each ticket gives you a three hour window to run around the floor. Yet the given time does not allot enough to visit all 29rooms. If you attended, you likely waited 30-45 minutes to see some of the most popular installations. But hey, at least you tried Snapchat’s Spectacles and took a few cool pics.

uno DOS tres

Full circle at Oculus World Trade Center.

Photos by Dos.

I recently challenged myself to meet new people, especially ones who I would love the opportunity to work with. While in New York with family, I decided to take full advantage of my time in the city and met with Dos, a photographer based in the big apple. His pictures spoke to me with usage of lighting and familiar brands led to our friendly meet up in the Financial District. I finally walked through The Oculus structure where the building’s architecture amazes anyone passing through.

Dos actually shared his experience about the major changes in the shopping mall. Previously, he would walk the once deserted center and regularly shoot pictures there. Photographers would always fill the area, but the best part was the depth seen in an empty, but beautiful space. Today, Oculus is a major transportation hub where we struggled to take shots without strangers in the background.

I made a new friend, learned more about the city and received these crazy photos. Challenge complete.

Hoodie: Billionaire Boys Club.

Dress: American Apparel.

Sneakers: Alexander Wang x Adidas.