A Virtual Terrarium

A colorful digital menagerie of nature-inspired creatures and plant life.

One of my favorite places in the city remains to be ARTECHOUSE. I recently explored the latest exhibit: New Nature by Marpi. Visitors step into a virtual terrarium to play with artworks responsive to sensory movement.

I wondered to myself if this is the future of living entities. The reality is though is that it’s a new way to experience art that never existed before. Exhibitions similar to this allows children to see what the mergence of technology and art can do to create a journey into another reality. I was mesmerized by the bamboo-looking artwork flying around me throughout the room. I ran back and forth across a hall that gave the impression it moved upon my touch. However, if you take away the projectors, you’re left with a bare room. You can imagine the artificial intelligence and creativity that went into what seems like a simple interaction.

Watch my experience interacting with this digital playground. To learn more, visit ARTECHOUSE’s website. The exhibition runs now through January 13, 2019.

Burning Man in DC

You won’t need to leave the east coast to experience this Nevada festival.

It’s no secret Burning Man festival takes place in a remote desert only to bring more than 50,000 attendees to create a temporary city. Most east coasters know about the festival’s reputation, but most do not flock to Nevada to experience the major event.

When the Smithsonian announced “No Spectators: The Art of the Burning Man” exhibition to take place in the Renwick Gallery, I knew there would be interactive installations that would embody the festival’s spirit. Not only can visitors gaze at marvelous artwork, they can also enjoy immersive room-sized installations, costumes, jewelry, artifacts and a virtual reality tour.

So if you’re like me and you’ve been itching to go, but would never want to endure the heat, this is a great way to get a taste of Burning Man.

For more information, visit https://americanart.si.edu/exhibitions/burning-man.

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Work it, gurl

No sear sucker, but the summer vibes are present.

Summer heat is here.

In an effort to ditch the denim skinny jeans, I styled this Young Hungry Free dress with my Careaux x Puma sneakers. The variety of blue hues on the footwear contrasted with the black and white stripes. The appearance looks like sear sucker material, but alas it is a cotton polyester blend. The off-the-shoulder, straight cut on the dress makes the outfit less pajama-like and more fashion forward. For that city chic appearance, I added a baseball cap for a lighter shade on top.

Additionally, No Kings Collective painted this mural earlier this month. You can find the 30,000 sq ft artwork in the 14th St corridor of DC. For more information about the mural, read this Washingtonian article.

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Cap: Champion.

Dress: Young Hungry Free.

Bag: MK by Michael Kors.

Sneakers: Careaux x Puma.


An immersive inflatable sculpture popped up in Columbia, Maryland.

You had me at “immersive inflatable sculpture.”

When I saw this article on Hypebeast, I immediately changed my weekend schedule to accommodate the Columbia Festival of Arts. I knew the photos wouldn’t serve how immersive this experience could actually be.

On June 16 at 5 pm, the Katena Luminarium by Architects of Air opened with a 45-minute queue growing longer by the minute. I waited in the humidity, but when I entered the front I met a cold breeze since the inflatable structure hosted air condition. I removed my shoes (a necessary action to enter), learned more about the sculpture before entering into a surreal environment. Neon colors filled the walls; illuminated textures added additional sensory. Kids ran around as my friends and I became lost while exploring the entire structure.

Several famed structures inspired parts of the Katena including Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia and a Hindu temple.

These pictures don’t do it justice.

The next US stop will be in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania August 4-13. For additional tour dates, click here.


A new gallery in DC opens to the public just in time for the summer rush.

The combination of digital technology and artistic talent created a beautiful exhibition featured at ARTECHOUSE, a new gallery making waves in Washington DC. I explored the venue opening day with much excitement. It’s certainly an experience that Instagrammers will fall in love with. The timing couldn’t be more perfect with the end of Yayoi Kusama‘s exhibition at the Hirshhorn, locals will be heading straight here.

Dress: Uniqlo.

Shirt: Kaws x Uniqlo.

Sneakers: Yeezy V2.

Bag: Korea.

Meet me in Manhattan

Back to the big apple for a short getaway.

For those who don’t know, I’m in love with art. This love derives from my mother who used to sculpt figures back in her college days. While DC more recently began to host big names (think Yayoi Kusama  and Snarkitecture), I regularly venture to New York to see some of my favorite creators, as well as discover new ones.

Below are a few we saw:

  • The Finiliar by Ed Fornieles
  • The Listening Dimension by Olafur Eliasson
    • Sidebar: I previously visited his work in Korea!
  • John McCracken

Bomber: Uniqlo.

Shirt: River Island.

Joggers: Uniqlo.

Sneakers: Adidas NMD.

Pixel Forest

Exploring Pipilotti Rist’s exhibition at The New Museum.

This exploration felt dreamlike with smoke filled exploding bubbles and screenings across a number of sheets waving from the ceiling. Pipilotti Rist brought her video art and multimedia installations to New York. Upon opening week, a long line stretched across the block where a guard permitted people into the entrance. Pro tip (especially for opening week): purchase your tickets online before visiting the site. You gain immediate entry and can even show your purchase on your phone (yes you can save a tree or two!).

The exhibition spanned across three floors, each unique from one another. I could have spent hours staring at the ceiling while watching videos on a bed. That’s exactly what I did on a cold winter day with my friend, Geena.

The actual Pixel Forest held the biggest appeal for those looking to interact with art. Lights hung from a tall ceiling changed colors in a large studio space. I felt like I was in a whole new world as I gazed at the lights for almost an hour.

Certainly pop in before January 15 (this post was delayed due to previous travel entries) to see it yourself.

Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled OutPixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out

Hoodie: Bape.

Shirt: Korea.

Jeans: (although not entirely seen): Paige.

Sneakers: FENTY x Puma Creepers.