The Future of Sports

MITD opens a pop-up art installation in the H St Corridor.

After endlessly visiting New York city for seasonal pop-up art installations, I found myself containing my excitement as I stood on a baby pink tennis court surrounded by a wall of tennis balls.

Made in the District (MITD) opened The Future of Sports, an interactive exhibition, yesterday evening. The museum is similar to experiences to 29Rooms, The Museum of Ice Cream and The Boba Room. Yet it’s positivity can be felt throughout the District for showcasing the city in a creative light.

Visitors can tour a royal blue indoor track on the first floor while enjoying cocktails and music. Downstairs there are nine rooms that host sports in the most Instagramable fashion. Stand against a holographic basketball court or cycle in a neon red room. Either way, you’ll be snapping pics.


The Future of Sports runs through November 30. Tickets are sold online.

Pixel Forest

Exploring Pipilotti Rist’s exhibition at The New Museum.

This exploration felt dreamlike with smoke filled exploding bubbles and screenings across a number of sheets waving from the ceiling. Pipilotti Rist brought her video art and multimedia installations to New York. Upon opening week, a long line stretched across the block where a guard permitted people into the entrance. Pro tip (especially for opening week): purchase your tickets online before visiting the site. You gain immediate entry and can even show your purchase on your phone (yes you can save a tree or two!).

The exhibition spanned across three floors, each unique from one another. I could have spent hours staring at the ceiling while watching videos on a bed. That’s exactly what I did on a cold winter day with my friend, Geena.

The actual Pixel Forest held the biggest appeal for those looking to interact with art. Lights hung from a tall ceiling changed colors in a large studio space. I felt like I was in a whole new world as I gazed at the lights for almost an hour.

Certainly pop in before January 15 (this post was delayed due to previous travel entries) to see it yourself.

Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled OutPixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out Pixel Forest - Just Souled Out

Hoodie: Bape.

Shirt: Korea.

Jeans: (although not entirely seen): Paige.

Sneakers: FENTY x Puma Creepers.

How is this a coffee shop?

Everything glowed purple.

Back in Seoul! I landed in Korea in the evening, caught up with my cousin Daniel, ate delicious dukbokki and slept in the following morning. He picked me up the next morning and one of our first stops included a much need espresso drink. A previous Gentle Monster flagship store, BAT now brews coffee and provides a unique space to enjoy your espresso.

Tons of corn stalks surrounded the walls on the top floor where couches and tables filled the open space. I made way downstairs and fell in love with the eerie, dark purple shades and the empty plots of soil. Even the iced coffee came with dirt on the bottom of the cup.

BAT is a must-see space. After all, everyone inside not only drank a cup of coffee, but also instagrammed doing so.

BAT - Just Souled Out BAT - Just Souled Out BAT - Just Souled Out BAT - Just Souled Out BAT - Just Souled Out BAT - Just Souled Out BAT - Just Souled Out

Sunset at Sweden

An evening at the Embassy of Sweden for an interactive art installation.

Made in the District teamed up with the Embassy of Sweden and GLINT for an immersive art installation event on April 19th. Justin and I walked along the Georgetown waterfront before venturing inside to see a live exhibition in a dimly lit room. The showcase highlighted tales of craft from Sweden and mixed vogue, street art, nature, pop culture and more. Despite the variety of elements, they all came together for a beautiful art piece I felt I could sit inside for hours.

Several moments included the room changing from light to dark to represent the change from day to night settings. Pieces glowed, lights tinkered and life-size screenings of Swedish culture filled the walls of the room. It felt incredible to feel as if I was in a wonderland of some sort.

Sunset at Sweden took place on April 19th from 6-9 p.m. courtesy of Made in the District, the Embassy of Sweden and GLINT

Dupont Underground

Underneath Dupont Circle you can find thousands of plastic balls.

Photos by TheKevinJ

I finally managed my way into Dupont Underground to see its new art exhibition created from last year’s Beach project at the National Building Museum (check out my post here and here). Re-Ball!: Raise/Raze opened its doors yesterday, April 30, to the public after hundreds of volunteers built Hou De Sousa‘s winning idea. The winners described the balls “like sand in massive sandbox, something akin to a life sized Lego set, or a real-world version of the popular video game Minecraft, which allowing users to alter their surroundings with ease.”

In the middle of the floor-to-ceiling pieces, guests can create their own structures ranging from forts to thrones with 27-ball cubes made from plastic balls, velcro and hot glue.

Dupont-Underground-Just-Souled-Out Dupont-Underground-Just-Souled-OutDupont-Underground-Just-Souled-OutDupont-Underground-Just-Souled-Out Dupont-Underground-Just-Souled-Out


Although tickets are sold out through June 1, perhaps the excitement will extend onto the rest of summer so all DC natives can explore underground.


Hat: Rival Sneakers.

Jacket: Topshop.

Dress: ASTR.

Purse: J.Crew.

Sneakers: FENTY x Puma Creepers.


Re-Ball!: Raise/Raze is open through June 1 at Dupont Underground

Photos by TheKevinJ