Styling Yeezy 500s

How are you styling this chunky sneaker?

When I first purchased these sneakers, I thought to myself, “How am I going to wear these chunky things?!”

The dad shoe trend continues on as more companies release different renditions of them. Think thick-soled, clunky footwear worn by all celebrities at this point. Check out how I styled the Yeezy 500s in the blush colorway on my YouTube channel.


Slurp, slurp

The tonkotsu broth simmers for 18 hours to achieve its full flavor.

JINYA Pike & Rose opens today in North Bethesda, making it that much easier for Marylanders to enjoy a warm bowl of Japanese noodle soup. Last night, I attended the preview opening party where waiters passed salmon poke and spicy tuna tacos, tempura brussel sprouts, takoyaki balls, pork gyoza and crispy chicken. JINYA served mini-sized ramen bowls, so that guests could taste all three different broths: Spicy Creamy Vegan, Tonkotsu Black and Chicken.

Upon my arrival, the friendliest bartenders served two cocktails: Garden of Todai, a modern take on a margarita, and the Temple of Love, a contemporary rendition of a classic Manhattan. I snagged a high-top seat by the large windows (natural lighting is everything!), which turned out to be the perfect spot to grab appetizers and chat with the party next to me.

As someone who enjoys a solid bowl of miso ramen, I was excited by the opportunity to try all three noodle soups. When else would I ever have the opportunity to order a vegan bowl? Surprisingly this dish turned out to be one of my favorite bowls of ramen to date. I deemed it a vegan eater’s dream because of its equivalency to a porky flavored bowl. In a world where an increasing number of people decide to pursue a vegan lifestyle, there’s increased competition for the best food and JINYA comes as a top contender.

While I didn’t care too much for the chicken ramen out of personal preference, my sister Jenna enjoyed it with a hint of spice tossed in. She deemed it delicious, while I nibbled on a few bites before pushing it away. When it comes to the tonkotsu ramen, however, it went missing after three minutes. The porky flavor consumes you without enduring an over-the-top richness. After all, this is the restaurant chain’s speciality as the chef simmers it for more than 18 hours to achieve a full flavor.

Hopefully Marylanders won’t be lining up for hours as Virginians did for the Mosaic District opening. To be fair, the first 100 people to visit JINYA today earn a free bowl of ramen. Doesn’t that mean a line is inevitable? There’s no better way to kick off a grand opening than with high demand for noodles, even in this summer heat.


JINYA Ramen Bar Pike & Rose is located at 910 Prose Street, North Bethesda, MD.

Rain makes me blush

I’m so over this endless rain.

It feels like it has been raining for almost two weeks straight.

My streak might be off, but the Washington Post stated that, “In the last 23 days, Washington has received 10.43 inches of rain.” I can’t help but think what 10+ inches of snow would feel like; it’s been awhile since that’s happened.

It looks like we only have one more day of this stormy weather and all will go back to its original summer state of high humidity and sunny skies.

Any sneakerhead knows how frustrating bad weather can be for his/her fits. Today I gave in and instead of wearing my beaters, I decided to toss my my 500s since they paired well with my outfit.

Earlier this year, Uniqlo announced the Hokusai Blue collection, which quickly sold out upon the drop. Thankfully, the Japanese-casual wear company re-released a few pieces from and I picked this shirt up. I love Uniqlo tees, they’re comfortable and the men’s XS fits me perfectly. I styled this shirt with a form-fitting plaid skirt that gives me Clueless vibes for days.

Ps. Caroline if your’e reading this, I’m sorry I used your desk. You get way better lighting than mine does 🙂


Shirt: Uniqlo x Hokusai Blue.

Skirt: Express.

Sneakers: Yeezy 500.

Summer linen

Thank you, grandma.

Shout out to grandma.

She bought this entire outfit (sneakers not included) from Seoul. If you have ever visited South Korea in the summer, then you know how unbearable the heat can be. With a week of rain, I’ll expect high levels of humidity in DC in the next few days.

I love these pants because its linen, making them breezy and light. The color is a mixture of purple and grey undertones, so I paired it with this grey top to make the darker grey hues pop. The detailing on the pocket square makes this plain shirt just that much more unique.

It’s difficult to buy clothes for someone, let alone a granddaughter. What I found is that whenever my family brings apparel from Korea, I usually fall in love with the trendy pieces. Asia fashion is ahead of America’s time; countries such as South Korea and Japan birth the latest trends.

Did you hear the news about Hailey Baldwin for Adidas & JD Sports? The companies deemed her the first style creator noting that she draws inspiration from UK style, “where so many trends originate.” This remains true as well, but sadly I can’t say the same for my home country where we debate dress colors and birth concepts such as Crocs.

In other news, I’m enduring my fourth stye most likely due to post-wedding sickness and high levels of stress. I’m taking an accounting final today, so I figured I would wear some makeup since I went a full week of natural beauty and glasses.


Outfit: South Korea.

Sneakers: Pharrell x Adidas Superstar.


Glasses and a no makeup look for the office.

Whew, July has been a ride. 

I got married to the man of my dreams; tons of planning occurred leading up to our big day. Family tours of DC and a minimoon in Miami followed our glorious day. When I returned home, I arrived with a number of packages cluttering my apartment. I continue my studies with the University of Maryland, in addition to covering the Greatest Day Ever music festival in collaboration with Adidas. Meanwhile I’m preparing myself for an accounting final on Monday and attempting to edit video footage from the fest.

This week felt like a blur between catching up with work and class. Needless to say, TGIF.

I typically wear black jeans and a t-shirt to work, so I changed it up today. My grandma traveled from Seoul for my wedding and is keeping my parents company for the rest of the summer. She brought a few pieces of clothing from Korea, just in time for these hot summer days.

I’m ever so slowly rotating through my collection. A recent study found Adidas NMDs to be the most instagrammed sneaker to date, naturally followed by Yeezy 350s. Before discovering this article, I actually tweeted that NMDs are a staple. I recently helped a few friends pick out a pair that they all deemed cozy.

I unfortunately have been enduring styes that keep popping up on my eyes (the fourth one just rose). So enjoy my no makeup and glasses look. For more styles in this sneaker, peep my video on YouTube from two years ago.


Shirt: OBEY.

Pants: From Korea (thank you grandma!)

Sneakers: Adidas NMD.

Shot on iPhone X.

The Best Style at The Greatest Day Ever Festival

See how attendees styled the three stripes into their outfits.

The Greatest Day Ever music festival, sponsored by Adidas, drew in thousands of attendees to not only enjoy music by RL Grime, Young Thug, Torey Lanez, Alison Wonderland, Majid Jordan and more. Adidas and the Greatest Day Ever team provided me with the opportunity to share my experience at the event on social media.

Throughout the two-day event, I captured some of the “greatest” Adidas style seen throughout the festival grounds. It was truly blissful to see how people styled the Adidas brand into their style. I saw a range of sneakers including the Arkyn, Deerupt, Falcon and naturally all renditions of the Yeezys to date.

I found this festival quite intriguing due to two things:

  • Adidas sponsorship: Yes, naturally the Adidas brand held a presence in many aspects of the festival; however, it didn’t feel as if the company placed the logo on every single opportunity. This played out nicely because it was clear as day what company sponsored the festival, but it didn’t feel too “in your face” especially with photo opportunities and carnival rides. If brands aspire to sponsor a festival properly, they can take key notes from the three stripes brand.
  • Diversity: I’ve been to more than 20 festivals in my lifetime, and this was by far the most diverse crowd I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean ethnicity, even the age ranges varied from toddlers following their parents around, teens who swarmed the main stage area for Lil Skies, college-aged students who came in squads, young adults who enjoyed sets from an elevated viewing area and a few mature adults I found enjoying carnival rides and napping in hammocks.

Take a look at some of the heat seen throughout the day. Perhaps we’ll see you next year! Stay tuned for a video, which will be uploaded to my YouTube channel!


You can watch the video here!












Burning Man in DC

You won’t need to leave the east coast to experience this Nevada festival.

It’s no secret Burning Man festival takes place in a remote desert only to bring more than 50,000 attendees to create a temporary city. Most east coasters know about the festival’s reputation, but most do not flock to Nevada to experience the major event.

When the Smithsonian announced “No Spectators: The Art of the Burning Man” exhibition to take place in the Renwick Gallery, I knew there would be interactive installations that would embody the festival’s spirit. Not only can visitors gaze at marvelous artwork, they can also enjoy immersive room-sized installations, costumes, jewelry, artifacts and a virtual reality tour.

So if you’re like me and you’ve been itching to go, but would never want to endure the heat, this is a great way to get a taste of Burning Man.

For more information, visit

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