How I received a free signed Tommy Hilfiger shirt

All I had to do was wear a crewneck.

After wearing my Tommy Jeans XPLORE crewneck this past fall, I accumulated enough points to redeem a free signed shirt by the Tommy Hilfiger himself.

As technology continues to evolve, I find it interesting to see how its shaping industries. With the emergence of smart-chip clothing, I think brands will be able to market their logos to the general public better than ever before. Not only that, companies will be able to rewards their loyal consumers who heighten the brand’s awareness. Rather than traditionally rewarding influencers with large followings, companies can give a micro-community a way to communicate with their corporate offices with proof that purchasers are wearing and enjoying their products. It’s as simple as syncing your clothing to a mobile app. With rewards ranging from gift cards, discounts, signed products and an invitation to the next Tommy Hilfiger fashion show, there’s plenty of ways to benefit from simply wearing an article of clothing.

Watch the video below to learn more.


Soaking up some Vitamin D in late November.

When you encounter a 65 degree day at the end of November, you relish in the fact that you sadly received a a handful of days embodying crisp, autumn air before reveling in the sunlight. Although I bundled up with my new teddy bear coat, I half wore it as the darker brown complemented my most recent pickup from Kith’s Monday Program. I snagged this hoodie for my sister and her boyfriend, and of course, my husband, while learning that the Kith stores receive the bulk of quantity in comparison to its availability online (duh!).

I completed this look with my Puma Desert Thunders as the pale pink tones went with the light-colored tans in my  outfit. For an extra shine, I snagged my rose gold purse, which my good friend (often referred to as my cousin) gifted me for being her bridesmaid.

Jacket: Uniqlo.

Sweatshirt: Kith.

Jeans: Express.

Sneakers: Puma Thunder Desert.

Camo flames

Pulled the Jordan 3s from the archives for this cozy fit.

I’ve recently been experimenting with AliExpress clothing. I purchased these cotton camouflage pants, which arrived two sizes too small. Due to the flexible material, I wiggled myself into these legging-like sweats and wore a tank that would surely cover the waistband. The lace added a nice feminine touch combined with the darker tones to contrast the bright red bottoms.

I pulled my Jordan 3s from the shelves since it added the perfect touch for the outfit. The red details adds a nice pop as the white texture almost cools down the ensemble.

I’m still searching for a great AliExpress supplier for cheap, trendy clothes that will arrive in a decent timeline. The website is my secret go-to shop when I need to ball on a budget. Most pieces range between $5-20, but keep in mind the low cost typically goes hand0in-hand with low quality. I’m saving up for a big trip in January 2019, so there’s no better time to dissect the endless amount of vendors on the website. If you find a gem, send it over to me!

Processed with VSCO with al5 presetProcessed with VSCO with al5 preset

Top: Zara.

Pants: Aliexpress.

Sneakers: Jordan 3.

Off-White x Converse Chuck 70

The dream wasn’t the W; it was buying sneakers for my sister’s birthday.

Oh, hello.

It’s been awhile. I’m halfway through my fall semester, but I just wrapped up a brutal first term. I endured classes four days a week, Friday being the sole day off and every week I felt burnt out. So if you’re wondering if you can take 14 credits and work 60-hour weeks, the answer is yes, but prepare for no life outside of work and school (yup, say goodbye to friends for a few months).

But now I’m back, and JUSTIN time for my favorite season: fall.

I kicked off October with a major win. Not only did I cop my own W for the second Off-White x Converse collaboration, but my sister also did too! Shout out to UBIQ for her win; Major for mine. Now please stop flooding my DMs asking how we copped because the answer lies here.

My sister, Jenna, turned 22 a few days following this sneaker release. It’s always been my dream to buy her a hyped pair of sneakers for her birthday; I never thought the day would come because of her style. With the recent merge of basic brands with more street-centric fashion (think Vans x UO and Bandier x FILA), she found herself asking about the Yeezy Wave Runner 700 and this sneaker itself.

Anyways, this post isn’t a sneaker review (because let’s be real, it’s been a minute) or anything like that. In fact, it’s a tribute to my “baby” sis who means the most to me.

Check out some of my shots and some day-of footage below.


Processed with VSCO with a9 presetProcessed with VSCO with a9 preset

Puma Thunder Desert

The perfect chunky sneaker for fall.

Summer, please leave. We need fall now.

Puma recently launched its newest mainstream silhouette, the Thunder Desert sneaker. An addition to the chunky “dad” footwear trend, the shoe has an eye-catching appearance with its mixture of leather, mesh and suede textures. The Thunder Desert comes complete with its chunky sole, which emulates a 1990s cell-system running shoe. I personally love footwear with pull tabs because I’m constantly on the run. The faster I can pull off my kicks, the better.

One aspect that stood out to me upon receiving these sneakers: the lace-up style. Perhaps it’s the thick-roped laces that drew my eyes to the way it’s uniquely threaded. You can choose to either tie a cute bow, or find a way to loop the laces into the tongue. I opted for the Natural Vachetta colorway, although Puma also released this in a Smoke Green tone.

It’s exciting to see how brands cater to the latest fashion trends with different styles that embody each company. You can buy what’s left of Puma’s inventory, or check out suppliers such as Nordstrom, Six02 or Lady Foot Locker to cop in time for leafy season.


Ps. I realized how tan I am while taking these pictures 😂

Styling Yeezy 500s

How are you styling this chunky sneaker?

When I first purchased these sneakers, I thought to myself, “How am I going to wear these chunky things?!”

The dad shoe trend continues on as more companies release different renditions of them. Think thick-soled, clunky footwear worn by all celebrities at this point. Check out how I styled the Yeezy 500s in the blush colorway on my YouTube channel.


Rain makes me blush

I’m so over this endless rain.

It feels like it has been raining for almost two weeks straight.

My streak might be off, but the Washington Post stated that, “In the last 23 days, Washington has received 10.43 inches of rain.” I can’t help but think what 10+ inches of snow would feel like; it’s been awhile since that’s happened.

It looks like we only have one more day of this stormy weather and all will go back to its original summer state of high humidity and sunny skies.

Any sneakerhead knows how frustrating bad weather can be for his/her fits. Today I gave in and instead of wearing my beaters, I decided to toss my my 500s since they paired well with my outfit.

Earlier this year, Uniqlo announced the Hokusai Blue collection, which quickly sold out upon the drop. Thankfully, the Japanese-casual wear company re-released a few pieces from and I picked this shirt up. I love Uniqlo tees, they’re comfortable and the men’s XS fits me perfectly. I styled this shirt with a form-fitting plaid skirt that gives me Clueless vibes for days.

Ps. Caroline if your’e reading this, I’m sorry I used your desk. You get way better lighting than mine does 🙂


Shirt: Uniqlo x Hokusai Blue.

Skirt: Express.

Sneakers: Yeezy 500.