aMAZEd in Philadelphia

Can you find your way through this mirrored adventure?

Several years ago, I followed ViktorVash on Instagram because I loved his photography. When he posted images from his visit to the Franklin Institute, I made a point to see it this summer. Philadelphia is only a few hours from my hometown in Maryland. When my mom called me one day and explained she wanted to visit the city, I jumped at the chance and invited my sister and fiancé for the adventure.

The science museum hosts “A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature” through September 4. Immediately upon entering, you’ll be shocked by the neon lights and stunning patterns that seem to surround yourself endlessly. After bumping into a few mirrors, you can find your way around the immersive experience. The 1700-square-foot maze challenges you to discover how geometry, tessellations and repetitions are the basis of design in the world today.

You can explore the rest of the museum once you’ve found your way out. Your inner child will come out as you soak in all the science and technology in the building. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!

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Black Sheep

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Dress: Rebecca Minkoff.

Sneakers: Opening Ceremony.

uno DOS tres

Full circle at Oculus World Trade Center.

Photos by Dos.

I recently challenged myself to meet new people, especially ones who I would love the opportunity to work with. While in New York with family, I decided to take full advantage of my time in the city and met with Dos, a photographer based in the big apple. His pictures spoke to me with usage of lighting and familiar brands led to our friendly meet up in the Financial District. I finally walked through The Oculus structure where the building’s architecture amazes anyone passing through.

Dos actually shared his experience about the major changes in the shopping mall. Previously, he would walk the once deserted center and regularly shoot pictures there. Photographers would always fill the area, but the best part was the depth seen in an empty, but beautiful space. Today, Oculus is a major transportation hub where we struggled to take shots without strangers in the background.

I made a new friend, learned more about the city and received these crazy photos. Challenge complete.

Hoodie: Billionaire Boys Club.

Dress: American Apparel.

Sneakers: Alexander Wang x Adidas.

One scoop of cookie dough, please

And other shots from New York.

Yes, I waited in line for 20 minutes in an attempt to figure out the mystery surrounding the latest dessert treat in Manhattan. All I can say is one bite of cookie dough tasted great; I deemed the entire scoop unnecessary. Feel free to try it yourself at Cookie DŌ NYC.

My latest trip to the big apple included a stop at the Nike store where a beautiful installation dedicated to the VaporMax awaited. I naturally fell into old habits and visited KITH where I picked up this Alexander Wang x Adidas boost. Click here to see how I created a makeup look inspired by the sneaker.

I also discovered two spots where I never entered before. The first, a pop-up shop at The Upton Collective where NAKEDCASHMERE awaits. My cousin bought his dog a beautiful cashmere sweater while I ventured upstairs to the Dirty Lemon loft where I finally tried the detoxing beverage.

The second spot I fell in love with is Fine & Rare. A new jazz bar that just opened earlier this year but just until recently began serving hot food (the building kept the gas off for awhile). It’s the perfect place for a date, a girls night out or relax with soothing music throughout the entire space.

I also checked Cha Cha Matcha and Employees Only off my bucket list. Both worthy of your time and calorie intake 😉

The final pictures come from a day of exploration in and out of Chelsea art galleries.

The Boba Room

A pop-up theme park for boba lovers.

Last year, New York hosted The Museum of Ice Cream, an installation dedicated to frozen treat lovers. This year the city held The Boba Room where bubble tea lovers could enjoy the iced tea drink in a pop-up shop surrounded by all things boba. While significantly smaller, the concept appeared brilliant with visually brilliant designs.


City skyline

New York from a Long Island City view.

I spent part of the day sipping tea at Cha-an Teahouse, a cafe that I kept on my bucket list since working at a boba shop in college. During this trip, I ate one of the best meals of my life at Hearth. My friends and I explored the 12-course tasting menu and left with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

After spending the entire day in the city, I trekked back to Long Island City where my cousin lives to watch the sun fall behind the Manhattan skyline. The illuminated pier glowed once the sun disappeared, but it made for a calm evening away from one of the busiest areas in the nation.

Meet me in Manhattan

Back to the big apple for a short getaway.

For those who don’t know, I’m in love with art. This love derives from my mother who used to sculpt figures back in her college days. While DC more recently began to host big names (think Yayoi Kusama  and Snarkitecture), I regularly venture to New York to see some of my favorite creators, as well as discover new ones.

Below are a few we saw:

  • The Finiliar by Ed Fornieles
  • The Listening Dimension by Olafur Eliasson
    • Sidebar: I previously visited his work in Korea!
  • John McCracken

Bomber: Uniqlo.

Shirt: River Island.

Joggers: Uniqlo.

Sneakers: Adidas NMD.

Bronx Gardens

An orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden.

If you’re looking to escape the bustling city and surround yourself with rare flowers, then the New York Botanical Garden may be the perfect place to relax. The opening weekend of the orchid show, I ventured with friends to the Bronx for an afternoon in nature. it took about two hours to loop around and view all the flowers, but it was well worth it.

Sunglasses: Quay x Shay Mitchell.

Hoodie Dress: American Apparel.

Sneakers: Adidas Ultra Boost, Core Black.