Stay on the edge

The edge of the Four Seasons Miami.

This year marks my first experience with Miami Spice, the two-month restaurant promotion of Miami restaurants. Justin and I rolled up to Stubborn Seed (post coming soon!) only to divert from the Miami Spice menu and order a la carte instead.

The following evening we walked to the Four Seasons Miami and found a glorious waterfall at the front of the hotel with lights showcasing the EDGE Steak & Bar logo. We took an elevator up in the Four Seasons Miami where we immediately came face-to -face with a dimly lit bar that reminded us of New York restaurants. Orb lightbulbs dangled from the ceiling adding that hint of a Brooklyn vibe.

Before arriving, we looked at both the Miami Spice and regular dinner service menu. We made the decision to both go with the promotion, especially since the Miami New Times published the eatery on its top 10 listicle. We tried the Hamachi Tiradito as well as the Lamb and Apricot Terrine for appetizers and both ordered the Creekstone Farms Rib Eye since it was likely neither of us would ever order a 20-ounce steak, which is what’s served during regular dinner hours. We finished the evening with one of each dessert: Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta and the Dark Chocolate Opera Cake.

We currently live in a world where an increasing number of eaters note that restaurant weeks and promotions, such as Miami Spice, no longer hold true value as venues skimp on dishes or opt for cheaper experiences that divert from its true offering. EDGE Steak & Bar luckily doesn’t fall under the storm and actually adds a beacon of light as many restaurants shift its marketing for special public events. The Miami Times hit home with this one; Edge is a top ten Miami Spice restaurant.






EDGE Steak & Bar is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel Miami at 1435 Brickell Avenue.

24 hours in New York

Exploring the big apple.

I ran around New York for 24 hours with my friend Geena. After hopping off OurBus (by the way, had a great experience), I grabbed my luggage and headed straight to Totto Ramen‘s original location in Midtown West. Previously I visited the Midtown East location, but could never make the time to wait in line at the first shop. Yelpers and New Yorkers claim the first location tastes significantly better in comparison to expansion spots.

I’m here to state: Believe the hype.

Yet instead of waiting 45 minutes during off-peak hours, I could have visited the Midtown East location with little to no wait times. Anyone who loves Totto Ramen should stop by the original location at least to fully experience why the business does so well.

My trip to the city included running into a few fashion week shops surrounded by long lines. I explored Soho, went shopping and spent an afternoon in 29Rooms. Food highlights include the fluffiest (questionably to die for) pancakes at Le Barricou and chicken liver pate at Hearth.


29Rooms New York

How many can you visit in three hours?

I spent 24 hours in New York with one sole purpose: visit 29Rooms. The long-weekend art exhibition took place last year with an overwhelming positive response. Hosted by Refinery29, 29Rooms might be the most instagrammable event of the year.

Each room holds a different installation, as well as a warehouse floor filled with additional large pieces.

Each ticket gives you a three hour window to run around the floor. Yet the given time does not allot enough to visit all 29rooms. If you attended, you likely waited 30-45 minutes to see some of the most popular installations. But hey, at least you tried Snapchat’s Spectacles and took a few cool pics.

Asics Cloud Pop-Up

Dreamland in Manhattan.

While wandering around a busy Soho street, my friend and I stumbled into the Asics Cloud Pop-Up shop. Not only can you try on the latest Gel Kenun.

The various colorways hang against the walls, as well as a DJ booth set up in the corner. The biggest appeal, however, are the colorful clouds hanging from the ceiling. Once you delve deeper into the room, you find an entire wall covered with clouds lighting up in similar patterns to that of lightning bolts flashing through the sky.

Behind the cloud mural, a dark room hosts photographed cloud walls and a city-covered floor. Once laying in the bean bag sofa, you peer up into a giant circular mirror that makes you feel like you’re on top of a New York building.

Visit the pop-up through the rest of the month at 63 Greene Street.

Terakawa Ramen

Summer heat can’t stop the ramen love.

My love for ramen doesn’t stop because it’s 90 degrees outside. During my trip to Philadelphia, I stopped at Chinatown for a steaming noodle bowl. We started off with the takoyaki and chicken cutlet curry. From top to bottom, we ordered the miso ramen, bibim noodle (on the new/special menu) and the tan tan ramen.

If you’re ever craving a hot bowl of noodle soup, be sure to stop at Terakawa. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my adventures at the mosaic garden and maze exhibition!

Mosaic visionary

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens round two.

Isaiah Zagar’s mosaic art museum makes anyone’s tourist list when visiting Philadelphia. The small, scenic space utilizes nontraditional materials such as glass bottles, bike wheels, fragments of mirrors, hand-made tiles and more. The surrounding neighborhood also hosts a number of additional mosaic murals, which can be seen while walking around the city.

For last year’s visit, click here. Outfit details in the aMazed post from a few days ago.

Longwood Gardens

1,000 acres of beauty just outside Philadelphia.

I could spend a lifetime in Longwood Gardens. Despite the heat, I ventured to one of the world’s most famed area to witness the fountain show and horticultural excellency. Spanning across more than 1,000 acres, the garden attracts more than one million visitors per year and holds numerous events suitable for all ages. Throughout the summer, visitors can watch both daytime and evening performances at the fountain, which reopened earlier this year after renovations. While I sat in 90 degree sunny weather, I plan to return in the evening to see an illuminated musical program.