aMAZEd in Philadelphia

Can you find your way through this mirrored adventure?

Several years ago, I followed ViktorVash on Instagram because I loved his photography. When he posted images from his visit to the Franklin Institute, I made a point to see it this summer. Philadelphia is only a few hours from my hometown in Maryland. When my mom called me one day and explained she wanted to visit the city, I jumped at the chance and invited my sister and fiancé for the adventure.

The science museum hosts “A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature” through September 4. Immediately upon entering, you’ll be shocked by the neon lights and stunning patterns that seem to surround yourself endlessly. After bumping into a few mirrors, you can find your way around the immersive experience. The 1700-square-foot maze challenges you to discover how geometry, tessellations and repetitions are the basis of design in the world today.

You can explore the rest of the museum once you’ve found your way out. Your inner child will come out as you soak in all the science and technology in the building. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two!

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Black Sheep

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Dress: Rebecca Minkoff.

Sneakers: Opening Ceremony.

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