Cheers to the new year

Feature photo by the great TheKevinJ.

Xandra of Heroine Training recently shared she made a bucket list at the beginning of the year of items that she could potentially cross off. It differed from a lifetime list of opportunities because she put forth her best effort to complete each item before the year ended and kept actions specific. Think less “see the world” and more “visit Texas.” I loved this idea and decided to do the same. Hopefully I can look back on this post at the end of 2017 and see what I achieved. I encourage you to make a similar list!

Just Souled Out’s 2017 Bucket List

  • Visit Los Angeles & San Francisco – My aunt moved to SF last year and I’m hoping to finally see her on the West Coast! I also have a friend who just got engaged in LA, hence the necessary trip to see her.
  • Make it into one print and one online publication for Just Souled Out – These two media outlets need to differ (the same won’t count), but this encourages me to think creatively and network! I’m incredibly grateful for the late feature in DCITYSTYLE at the end of 2016!
  • Get certified in something – I’m challenging myself to learn and progress in my professional development. offers a ton of career skills and courses online from top tier schools.
  • Travel to one international destination I haven’t been to yet – This past year, I went to Oxford and Taipei, two places I truly enjoyed seeing. This year, I hope to add to my long-term bucket list of traveling more by seeing a new destination. Iceland looks promising, but my cousin invited me to join him in Thailand, so perhaps one of these places will be featured on here soon!
  • One photo with a DC historical monument – A special thank you to TheKevinJ and Chris who ventured to the National Mall for a photoshoot. I rarely ever see the tourist trap spots in Washington DC because I hate crowds, but I need to take more advantage of this amazing city.
  • See a Yayoi Kusama piece – My sister and I already explored the Obliteration Room in New York, but since my favorite artist plans to unveil her Infinity Mirrors at the Hishhorn Museum in February, perhaps I can finally see the lights. If the lines go too long though, I can always see her giant pumpkins in the sculpture Garden.

Give me love.

  • Add a Yeezy to my sneaker collection – I don’t think this needs any commentary other than the fact that I don’t want to pay resale prices.
  • Sift through my closet – I manage to put this off every single year because I low key hoard clothes. I trick myself into believing something might come back in style or I could use XYZ as a beater shirt. I’m certainly near my limit.
  • Create at least five YouTube styling videos – In my quest to potentially grow my channel, I plan to really build out my passion for sneakers on video. Speaking of YouTube…
  • Double my subscribers – This shouldn’t be too difficult considering I only have 53 right now. I figure if I make videos consistently, it’ll hopefully garner the attention span of at least 53 more people!

Let me know what your new year resolutions are! Looking forward to a great year!

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