Bao, bye

If you’ve ever been to Baohaus in New York, then you can differentiate Eddie Huang‘s take on a classic dish versus an appetizer commonly served before slurping ramen. When I ordered baos at momofuku noodle bar, SAKURAMEN and Oki Bowl, I rarely thought twice about the snack’s composition.

Yet when my friend Chris stopped in this small storefront shop to try an original Taiwanese bao, I finally understood why he refused to order the bun in the states. The flavors cannot be rivaled with amongst any other dish. There’s perfection in the way the braised pork with a crispy outside texture tastes with hints of peanuts and a peking duck-like sauce. Not to mention the actual size of this is twice the normal of a single order at Baohaus. It’s cheap and I ate this within seconds. I long to go back and try them all, but the one will have to do for now.

Bao Bye - Just Souled Out   Bao Bye - Just Souled OutBao Bye - Just Souled OutBao Bye - Just Souled Out

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