Sky high

Hip Hip Hoorray!

A 14-hour trip on Korean Air felt remarkably blissful (or as great as that long of a flight could be). My seat turned into a mini bed, ate a five-course meal, snacked on ramen, watched too many movies and slept comfortably. Best of all, I took a nonstop flight out of Dulles International Airport, which solved my fear of misplaced luggages and potentially long layovers in random cities (although I would love to stop in Tokyo and eat ramen!).

Since I left on a Thursday morning, several empty seats scattered across the plane could easily be seen. I snagged a window seat and no one sat next to me, which meant more space for my purse. Flight attendants placed white tablecloths before serving meals. Whoever said airplane food tasted horrible clearly never flew on Korean Airlines. I ate everything from seared ahi tuna to bimbimbap. Delicious.

Thank your for a remarkable experience Korean Air!

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