WWL: Capitol Hill

Humidity can’t stop the community.

Photos by TheKevinJ.

A few things have happened that took me away from blogging! Tons has happened such as half my family living in Korea for the summer, Justin preparing to move to Fort Lauderdale, work picking up and a few other random tidbits.

My goal recently has been to build out my YouTube channel. I just purchase some studio equipment that I’m excited to set up in my apartment. While I continue styling sneakers despite the heat, I haven’t done a great job at documenting my outfits and my new purchases. More news to come soon!

I joined Walk With Locals for a mid-summer gathering at Capitol Hill. This group is the best way to meet like-minded people; after all, the motto is “know your neighbors.” Feel free to join and explore DC and other cities.

A special thank you as always to TheKevinJ for not just photographing me at WWL, but also sharing this group with me! I met a ton of people last night, traded Instagram handles and even shared beauty tips with a fellow gal.

WWL-Just-Souled-Out WWL-Just-Souled-Out WWL-Just-Souled-Out WWL-Just-Souled-Out WWL-Just-Souled-Out

Hat: Anti Social Social Club.

Headphones: Frends with Benefits.

Necklace: Gorjana part of my Rocksbox set. (Use justinebff47 for one month free!)

Jacket: Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams.

Shirt: Express.

Skirt: TopShop.

Sneakers: Reebok x Melody Ehsani.


Photos by TheKevinJ.

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on JustSouledOut.com.

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