Firefly Music Festival 2016

A recap of my third encounter with the Delaware event.

All I can say is, wow.

Firefly Music Festival came to a close this past weekend after a four-day long event. Although I only attended Friday through Sunday, I can’t imagine actually going the first day due to my lack of sleep, exhaustion and complete dehydration.

This year concludes my third time attending the festival and after working as a brand ambassador with Red Frog Events and the Firefly team, I felt this year I attended properly. I prepped my concert schedule in time to make it to the very front of my two favorite acts, Gallant and Goldlink. Although I missed Ludacris, I managed to see Major Lazer from a far-away spot in the audience and discover a love for Tchami.

I managed to say hello to Gallant and expressed my love for his music while hugging him; and snapped yet another picture with Goldlink after recalling our meet at Broccoli Festival. After capturing beauty from all the lighting and vocal talents, I managed to also get tagged on Gallant’s Instagram account and received a notification he liked one of my tweets (fangirl so hard).

I lucked out this year with the weather since no rain fell Friday through Sunday and moderate temperatures. Dust filled the air, but Justin and I came prepared with face masks to shield away the mess.

Strangely enough, I witnessed my first (and second) glow stick drop during Deadmau5‘s and Major Lazer‘s sets. The sky literally filled with a rainbow of neon colors during the best drops in songs. I noticed less art filled the festival grounds, which bummed tons of people out. The best part is walking through a wonderland of colorful umbrellas or paper birds! Yet, I did notice that after muddy paths filled nearly every inch of the grounds last year, rocks and sand replaced potential hazardous areas.

Last year, I decided to not attend Firefly, but as you can see I still ended up going. So no promises for next year, although after attending too many festivals for this lifetime, I might be done forever. Perhaps a one-day pass will be the move?

Firefly Music Festival took place in Dover, Delaware on June 16-20, 2016. 


Author: Just Souled Out

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