Korean Flush

Before entering Manhattan, I re-visited Flushing for a midnight snack at Joah.

After my close friend moved to Flushing, I only made the trip once to eat a buffet of Korean bbq. She convinced me to spend time in the area instead of Manhattan and together we double dated at Joah, a small restaurant serving both Korean and Japanese style cuisine.

The simplicity of the restaurant can easily be seen in the window storefront. A white shelf held a handful of flowers while a string of light bulbs brightened bits from the darkness outside. Two frames bouquets of dried floral arrangements hung against a white brick wall.

Our food arrives quickly, especially since we’re the only customers in the establishment for nearly an hour. First came our creamy bokbunja, which tasted a tad too sweet for my tastebuds. The waitress served it on a bowl of ice surrounded by small shot glass mugs decorated with X’s and O’s. Next came our mansour plate that included domes of hamburger steak, pork katsu, kimchi fried rice and four sauces served on the side. Finally, we tried the special cheesy udon that reminded me the same sauce served with dukbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) just replaced with udon noodles and garnished with cheesy goodness.

Joah-Just-Souled-OutJoah-Just-Souled-Out Joah-Just-Souled-OutJoah-Just-Souled-Out


While the drinks lack alcohol, Joah is perfect for a midnight snack with friends.

Joah is located on 161-16 Northern Blvd in Flushing, New York.


Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on JustSouledOut.com.

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