Happy hour at momofuku CCDC

After Retail’s Night Out, Justin and I ventured to momofuku CCDC since it fell right at happy hour. A diverse crowd filled the restaurant including young adults and working professionals. If you recall my previous restaurant review, I felt surprised David Chang‘s establishment exceeded my expectations. Although I won’t be back for a meal due to the hefty price tag, I still love stopping by the milk bar whenever it’s not too crowded.

You can choose from a variety of wines, one beer, one cocktail and small dishes for happy hour. Justin and I enjoyed a seven spice sour, a pork bao, a brisket bun and the fried crab cake balls. While the cocktail lacks alcohol content, it makes up in its exquisite mixture of yuzu and sake. While the buns are slightly larger than the average-sized, we still wish momofuku served in two servings rather than one. Happy-Hour-Momofuku-Just-Souled-Out Happy-Hour-Momofuku-Just-Souled-Out Happy-Hour-Momofuku-Just-Souled-Out

Beef bun above; pork bao below.

Happy-Hour-Momofuku-Just-Souled-Out Happy-Hour-Momofuku-Just-Souled-Out

You can expect to see me back for happy hour for the discounted drinks and buns. After all, there’s only so many places you can get a bao fix in the District, right?

momofuku CCDC offers happy hour from 5-6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The restaurant is located on 1090 I St NW. Read my previous restaurant review here.

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