Retail’s Night Out 2016

An evening supporting local vendors at City Center DC.

hCity Center DC¬†broke ground in 2011. Three years later, it opened with luxury retail shops, condos, apartments and restaurants. On May 4, Justin and I swung by the area to support local vendors partaking in the National Retail Federation’s event. The one-day celebration included a DJ, pop-up shops and food trucks.

Since I popped over after work and it rained all morning, I sported my Adidas Originals jacket that Justin bought some time ago. Underneath, I styled a knee-length dress with this white Ivy Park crewneck from Beyonce’s recent collection (you can read more about how I added it to my collection here).



Tons of vendors came out and showcased their best products. I ended up hopping into the Street Boutique Fashion Truck and bought a beautiful blue skirt showcased on the vehicle’s front door. I also grabbed three jars of fruit ketchup from ‘Chups and I’ve been smothering this on a piece of toast every morning for breakfast. These sauces taste excellent with pretzel sticks too!

I finally tried District Doughnut‘s creme brulee treat! I watched as an associate torched the top into a crisp beauty. On a rather cold day in DC, this warmed my heart with it’s sugary sweetness.

My final takeaway from Retail’s Night Out was FLOR, a company that offers carpet squares so you can create beautiful patterns. I loved all the fun spring colors and think it’ll make the perfect edition to my hardwood floors in my apartment. You can stop by their store location in Georgetown to take a look yourself.

Thanks to the National Retail Federation for a fun evening!


Jacket: Adidas Originals.

Crewneck: Ivy Park.

Dress: American Apparel.

Sneakers: Fierce Puma Trainers.

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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