FIERCE styles: Part 1

This is part one of a series. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about how various generations utilize social media. I sit in that strange middle section when platforms evolved, yet I still remember utilizing dial-up internet and a flip cell phone. While those days are long gone, it’s interesting to compare myself with my family members who range from five years younger and older than me.

We all use social channels in different ways.

My sister recently pressured me to make more YouTube videos. My personal feeling towards her generation is YouTube is the new Facebook, but showcased in a different way. I let Jenna’s idea resonate for some time until I saw that my niche didn’t really exist on YouTube. This begins a journey on a platform and more of Just Souled Out!

I am prepared to style my sneakers and showcase them in videos (and pictures!). There’s no better way to kick this off than with a mini vacation at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay. Here’s four outfits styled with one of my latest purchases: The Kylie Jenner Fierce Trainer from Puma. It’s her first endorsement with the brand and this was the only color I adored from the four available.

I put together four outfits in this series. Check back every day to see them all and a video on the final post. A special thank you to my boyfriend, Justin, who regularly takes pictures and videos for me.


Sunglasses: Perverse.

Shirt: American Apparel.

Skirt: ASTR.

Sneakers: Fierce Puma Trainers.

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