Freshly prepped food

Use this code to get a free meal from Galley today!

One of my favorite vendors from The EmporiYUM was Galley, chef-made meals packaged and delivered in the DC area. I never heard about the company before, but it was the first booth I stopped at and I found the idea memorable.

After a long day in the office, it can be difficult to gather the small amount of energy and cook a healthy meal. This is where Galley comes in. The company preps meals from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients and delivers in less than 30 minutes. You can even schedule up to a week in advance. After receiving your meal, you heat it up and you’re ready to enjoy! Need to feed the family? Galley offers family style meals, which can serve about four adults.

I ordered a California Quinoa & Seared Ahi Tuna salad for lunch to give this a full test drive. The dish came cold and amongst garden greens and fish, the meal included avocado, peanuts, tomatoes and a side of roasted garlic dressing. I highly recommend this meal, but you’ll have to sign up for email alerts since the menu changes every day.

You can order lunch or dinner (no breakfast…yet!) and prices range from $10-16. Galley designs its meals to be nutritious and limit the use of butter, oil and salt. There’s full transparency and customers can see nutrition facts easily.

Get your free meal today by using this link. If you buy one, I receive one too! Let’s eat!

Author: Just Souled Out

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