Maketto x Shake Shack

Does the hype surrounding the chicken sandwich meet expectations?

I attended Maketto‘s grand opening and ventured to H St after long work days several times a week for months. I loved the food, drinks and most importantly, the culture. Yet as time passed, I found the commute difficult to navigate during rush hour. I’m a huge supporter for the business; nevertheless, when I heard my favorite burger eatery teamed up with the Maketto team, I jumped at the chance to visit the nearest Shake Shack.

Much to surprise, my anticipation was met with disappointment. It stemmed from believing Erik Bruner-Yang’s Taiwanese Fried Chicken would literally be placed in between two warm buns and topped off with whatever the burger company deemed feasible. When I bit into the sandwich it taste like a less greasy, and more tender, Chik-fil-A sandwich. There was a dab of hoisin sauce folded in with pickles, cucumbers and scallions.

Obviously I held my expectations too high; but hey, it was still a pretty decent dinner. There’s nothing wrong with the side of cheese fries too!

This post isn’t to create negativity towards either business and in fact, share the positivity between two collaborative moves from an American venue and an Asian local establishment. If you eat either signature dish at either place, you’ll find pure bliss; it just wasn’t the case for my tastebuds this time around.

Then again, I ain’t no food critic.


The Maketto x Shake Shack burger ran through April 24. 

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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