Eat, drink and play at The EmporiYUM

A recap of the food festival in Baltimore.

All photos by TheKevinJ.

A huge change came to Charm City from last year’s event and one factor perhaps uplifted the spirits of several attendees.

What made this year better than before? Alcohol.


I attended The EmporiYUM last year and debated attending this year’s event especially after Saturday tickets sold out. Yet somehow, I found myself in the old Best Buy warehouse. Goodbye electronics; hello endless samples. The event came back with a bigger bang adding numerous vendors offering more bite-sized treats and dixie cup sips to last the entire day.

These vendors caught my attention and I found myself googling them post-event:

  • Hoop Tea: Tea is my go-to drink, but who would have thought I could sip it with a hint of alcohol? The company defines its product as “summer in a jar.” Think delicious, fruity teas and a pinch of alcohol. It’s the perfect beverage for a summer hot day.
  • Diamondback beer: Naturally my first question was, “Is this named after University of Maryland’s newspaper?” Yes, it is.
  • Cakelove: Goodbye, frosted buttercream cupcakes. Hello, cake in a jar. These baby-sized jars come filled with rich cake that will have you licking your fingers. It’s amazing how a bakery switched to a new, trendier product at the snap of his fingers. Major props to the company for exploring marijuana edibles.
  • Galley: a delivery food service that loves its product so much, the team gives you one free meal so you can fall in love with it too. Use my coupon code to get your free lunch or dinner today!


Take a look at what you missed out and stay tuned for updates on the next EmporiYUM.


All photos by TheKevinJ.

The EmporiYUM took place April 16-17, 2016 in Baltimore. 

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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