Electric Riide

Looking for a new method of transportation? Riide electric bikes offer a cheaper (and cooler) way to get around the city.

Photos by TheKevinJ.


Finding a reliable method of transportation in DC proves difficult. A monthly parking space can cost the same amount as rent, but you can only use it during the facility’s open hours. The metro continually experiences delays to a point where I would rather Uber to my destination.

But wait, all this adds up. When you’re ballin on a young professional budget (as a friend calls it), you might think twice before ordering that UberX. Perhaps you even go so far as to ask human resources to sponsor your DC commute.

Here’s where Riide comes in.

Riide? Trust me, this is far better than “ridin dirty.”


I’m not even entirely sure how I landed on the Riide website, but somehow I did and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Recently, I have been searching for the best way to commute around DC. After trying the metro for three months, I hoped there might be a more reliable and better option available.

jh-6869 jh-6868 jh-6866

In comes this electric bicycle known as Riide. The company even goes so far as to compare its $79/month rate with other commuter options (metro, bus and car). My first question: what makes this better than the highly accessible Bikeshare?  I tested the bike out myself for almost a whole week to find out its unique components.

Sure, I’m not athletic, but it’s almost too perfect for this method of transportation. If you want to peddle your way to the nearest bar, go ahead. Riide’s bike zooms at the click of its clutch making uphill battles no longer a challenge. Didn’t see a stoplight? No worries, the bicycle comes with responsive brakes that can result in a safe, screeching halt, if necessary.

jh-6870 jh-6872

Sure, you can go ahead and buy the $2,000 bicycle by itself, but Riide’s program offers benefits that will have you think twice before committing to the transportation device. For only $79/month, riders receive theft insurance (I mentioned to a co-worker my plan to test the bike and he shared his friend’s experience of getting robbed!), a charger, a flexible lock with key (I hate numbers and can rarely remember them) and unlimited free maintenance in DC. When I asked a rep why Riide might be worth the monthly charge, she easily explained that after two years, the bike is mine or I can upgrade it to the latest model FREE of charge.

Isn’t that similar to upgrading to the newest car model available after two years? Cheers!

Kevin and I tried riding this bike along an extremely long path in Reston, VA. While I would have never tried biking several miles alone, this bike kept a nice comfort-zone in case I did get tired along the way. Knowing I could ignite a switch and effortlessly peddle home made going the distance worth the battle.


The Riide Showroom is located on 1933 9th St NW. Stop by during open hours or try out the bike today


All photos by TheKevinJ.

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on JustSouledOut.com.

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