Animal Farm

Tour No Kings Collective’s interpretation of the popular novel.

Although I somehow skipped this novel (fun fact: also never read To Kill a Mockingbird) in grade school, I still took away key motifs after walking through No Kings Collective’s The Beasts of England on Friday. I expected a crowd, but I found a diverse group inside Lab 1270 at Union Market.

Photo by TheKevinJ.
Photo by TheKevinJ.

Artwork lights up the room and wings pop from the ceiling. Guests purchased drinks from a small bar in the back that served animal cracker and goldfish in large bowls (love it!).

Be sure to stop by and look at all the pieces, especially when there aren’t DC locals flooding the room. Perhaps even attend Sev Cities’ pop-up meeting.


The Beasts of England runs now through May 7 at Lab 1270.

TheKevinJ took several photos in this post. 

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