Sushi burritos take over DC

A review of Maki Shop’s rendition of the latest trend.

I’m back in DC and home never felt better! I unfortunately can’t say the same about my horrible jetlag that lasted throughout the entire week! >.<

It’s crazy how many Asian burrito-like restaurants popped up this past year. If you recall my review of Buredo, I became fascinated with this new way of eating on of my favorite foods. Even Seoulspice offers the Korean version of a sushi burrito as it’s stuffed with a variety of meats in place of the seafood.

Sushi burritos even started appearing in other major cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia. It would be no surprise if poké bowls began appearing at every corner within the next few months after the craze in New York.

If raw fish doesn’t suit your taste buds, there are plenty of other options for the hungry carnivores and vegetarians. On my first day of work, my boss and I walked a few blocks to Maki Shop and I had such a great experience, I went back for a second time on my lunch break. Not to mention, I also had a HUGE craving for anything (and everything) Asian cuisine after my trip to Tucson. I walked by one closed down sushi store, which my boss asked “where does the fish come from though?!” It’s an interesting question.

Maki-Shop-Just-Souled-Out Maki-Shop-Just-Souled-Out

Maki Shop serves its rolls premade in a small burrito size form (think slightly larger than a breakfast burrito from McDonald’s). You can choose from a variety of options including tofu, shrimp, vegetable, beef, pork, sashimi and more. You can view the full menu here on the shop’s beautiful website.

There’s nothing special about the miso soup, but it’s what you expect when you order it at any restaurant. Small pieces of seaweed and tofu float around, yet the hot dish is perfect for a chilly day and the heat pairs well with the cold sushi burrito.

I ordered the Spicy Tuna with a side of miso soup. The unique part of this shop is that it offers specialty sauces after you order. Choose from sriracha mayo, wasabi mayo, spicy yuzu, and ponzu. Smother the sauce along the burrito’s seaweed wrapper before composing your dish. The separation of the paper from the actual rice makes it crisp, which often can be left soggy when ordering at a restaurant.

Yum. One burrito (which is technically half the actual sushi sized roll) is perfect for a filling lunch and I left satisfied and comfortable. After all, sushi is healthy! Feel free to opt for the lunch special and choose two burritos of any kind and receive a side and soda for a value priced meal.

Maki Shop is located 1522 14th St NW. Stop by and try the sushi burrito craze!

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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