Why I left New York City

The DMV is my home.

When I left my hometown, it was a huge deal. I went to a city where people endlessly struggle to live month to month because of the high cost of living.

So why did I leave?

I missed home and most of all, I missed my family. Although I left for a short time, I missed seeing my just-born nephew, my cousin’s wedding, my sister’s prom and more. I realized the importance of those in my life when they weren’t around anymore.

I miss New York on a regular basis, but I found that DC feels more like home. People are slightly friendlier here, yet still as cut throat as people in The Big Apple. Parts of the city stayed with me. I still own a New Yorker mentality (shove strangers aside, don’t bother to hold the door for anyone other than myself and cut off slow walkers) and use it every day.

On my recent trip to Manhattan, Justin snapped this photos of me in front of graffitied walls in First Park located in East Village. I feel like it embodies a state of self that I wouldn’t have realized if I stayed in NY. After all, if I lived check to check then I wouldn’t own as many sneakers as I currently do.

The best part about leaving might be that I always have friends to visit who are still enduring the city that never sleeps. Major props to them.

New York is just a train ride away (and an even cheaper bus ticket).


Hat: Demiegod.

Hoodie: Anti Social Social Club.

Shirt: Francesca’s.

Leggings: Kendall & Kylie. 

Sneakers: Melody Ehsani x Reebok. 


First Park is located on 49 E 1st St in the East Village of Manhattan. 

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on JustSouledOut.com.

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