A culinary experience at Perry St

Jean-Georges creates delicious American dishes that sent my tastebuds to heaven.

My birthday is a special week-long celebration. The weekend before my special holiday, I decided to try Perry St, a Jean- Georges restaurant thanks to a positive review from my friend (and food expert) Cole Neuffer.

It’s a romantic establishment with dim lighting throughout the entire area. The restaurant accommodates parties of all sizes from a table for one to a large group that will fit in an oversized round booth.

I ordered a Ginger Margarita, which embodied a nice ginger-lime zest. The texture looks flawless although it arrived after my appetizers.

The meal came with a slice of bread from Balthazar. I never tried anything from there, but it’s a great marketing technique as now I’m wondering how great all the carbs might taste and made a note to go in the future.
  Soup served in a shot glasses added a nice palette cleanser and foreshadow of future dishes.

Above is the Charred Foie Gras and Duck Ravioli with spiced sweet potato puree on the side. The pasta was homemade and soft to touch. The dish was the highlight to my meal as it used a ton of different flavors from zest to hearty spices. Below is the famed Rice Cracker Crusted Tuna, which I understood why so many people enjoyed. The rice crackers add a nice soft, but hard crunch along with the thickly sliced raw tuna. Next to it are scallions and other small vegetables smothered in sriracha-citrus dressing. It overpowered the raw component of the dish since scallions have a distinct taste to it.


Justin ordered the signature Perry St Fried Chicken, which came out just as we predicted: good, but not to-die-for. The presentation was beautiful as greens and black wild rice framed the meat. I ordered the Butter Poached Lobster, which came with a delicious lemongrass-kaffir lime broth that a waiter poured onto the dish. Potato Ravioli sat on the side to fill my stomach in case the bit of lobster didn’t complete my meal. I would go back for this dish, although my wallet might not ($41).

For dessert we knew we wanted one chocolate dish and one citrus. We decided on the Valrhona Chocolate Mousse that came with a scoop of mint ice cream and chocolate shavings scattered all over the plate. We also decided on the Citrus Pavlova that included a scoop of blood orange sorbet and several pieces of oranges on the side. Both desserts blew my mind and tasted outstanding. I can imagine coming back solely for this final part of the meal. 

Justin and I both had upset stomachs a few hours after our meal. We reached out the restaurant, but didn’t receive a response back. We suppose it was the ahi tuna. We reached out to the restaurant and never heard back.


Perry St is located on 176 Perry St in New York and accepts reservations. 

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on JustSouledOut.com.

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