Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection

The highly sought out palette can easily be used every day.

Too Faced has to be the best beauty company when it comes to eyeshadows. Not only are they creamy, blendable and extremely pigmented, but the Chocolate Bar palettes are infused with cocoa powder — aka the entire palette smells like hot chocolate.

I finally bought this palette during post-Christmas shopping. Out of the six palettes I own, I continue to pick this one up every single day.


The palette includes 14 brand new shades and 2 cult favorites. The packaging is more unique in its pink metal packaging and heart-shaped shadows compared to the first two Chocolate Bar palettes which have the same, chocolate bar rectangle look. I own the Semi-Sweet as well, but find myself using these colors when I want a more neutral look.

Here are swatches of the entire palette on my tan, olive/yellow skin tone. From left to right:

  • Almond Truffle: My favorite matte shade in this palette. A dusty mauve matte perfect for a transition color in or above the crease
  • Satin Sheets: A pink and gold champagne shimmer (also great for a face highlight)
  • Sprinkles: A pale pink shimmer
  • Molasses Chip: A warm bronze shimmer with pink undertone which works great as an all over lid color
  • Malted: A brown matte with specs of pink glitter
  • Cashew Chew: A pale, pinkish/white satin
  • Cotton Candy: A pink satin slightly more cool than Sprinkles (the name speaks for itself)
  • Café au Lait: A light grey shimmer with a slight pink undertone
  • Bordeaux: My personal favorite. Matte; sometimes it looks brown, others it looks like a deep maroon perfect for fall and winter
  • Mocha: A rich, neutral brown matte
  • Black Currant: A deep purple shimmer with lots of pink glitter (noticeable amount of fallout with this color)
  • Dark Truffle: A dark brown satin
  • Pecan Praline: A grey, brownish matte
  • Totally Fetch: The pop of color in this palette – a rich, pigmented bright pink satin
  • Earl Grey: A navy, greyish satin
  • Divinity: A pale cream matte color with just a hint of luminosity

No flash:




Up close of Almond Truffle, Satin Sheets, Sprinkles, Molasses Chip, and Malted:


Up close of Cashew Chew, Cotton Candy, Café au Lait, Bordeaux, Mocha, Black Currant, and Dark Truffle:


Up close of Pecan Praline: Totally Fetch, Earl Grey, and Divinity:


Overall review: I can create neutral, everyday looks perfectly. I regularly watch YouTube reviews stating this palette isn’t necessarily something you could use everyday, and they’re not as excited as they should be, but I have to disagree! These colors look amazing on my skin tone, and I continue to receive numerous compliments.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Collection is something I highly highly recommend!

You can buy this palette off of the Too Faced website as well as Sephora and Ulta for $49. It’s been out of stock on Sephora for a while, so it’s something you should be checking daily if you want to buy it.

Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Author: Jenna Hong

UMD '19

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