New year, new hair

It’s officially the year of the monkey!

To kick off the start to 2016, I decided to cut and color my hair with my sister, Jenna. We booked our appointment at Be Scene in Rockville with Sunny.

Take note, this is my second experience and I’m ready to fish out the cash for premium product, especially if it’s hair or makeup. (Appearance matters!)

The space’s vibe fills with young professionals cutting, dying and bleaching hair in an almost revolutionary way. From rainbow colored hair to a natural ombré, the team works their magic to perfect every strand on your head.

Not to mention, Sunny is my girl. ❤

I researched a bit before my appointment and showed Sunny what I wanted. She asked a couple questions and then got to work!

Here is the before shot. I really wanted to keep my roots in tact, but strip the bleached, orange that my previous stylist did. I hated the color and when I wore a ponytail, I showed two different shades:

Here is the after shot:

Sadly it was dark by the time Sunny finished, so I slept on my new do and took pictures in daylight the following morning.

Jenna asked for a natural look, but a bit of color in time for the spring:


Naturally, a new look means selfies (and testing out my most recent makeup purchase: tartelette in bloom clay palette).

Thank you to Sunny and the Be Scene crew who always keeps my do on point. Founder Linh Phan continues working on the permanent space down the road. The salon’s temporary space is located in Blu Water Spa on 5234 Nicholson Lane, Kensington MD 20895.  Book your appointment with Sunny today.

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