Eel bowls in Donburi

A Japanese bowl composed with every comforting element you need this winter.

Strategically looking for a warm bowl of freshly cooked Japanese elements can be somewhat difficult in the District. Sometimes a bowl of ramen can be scarily filling. With chilly temperatures, everyone looks for a warm, comforting dish and after several months of contemplation, I finally made way to Donburi in Adams Morgan.

Several stools line the kitchen, making lines at dinner hour inevitable. Men continuously run in and out of the space grabbing takeout orders every few minutes.

The small, elongated eatery is well-known for its barbecued eel served over sticky sushi rice.  A variety of other proteins fill the bow ranging from salmon sashimi, uni (sea urchin), fried chicken, shrimp tempura and more. Choosing just one option becomes difficult. Do you want a piping hot textures? A bit of a crunch? Warm rice with cold fish? The possibilities are endless.

First to pop out: Katsudon. The Panko crusted pork came tender, but not crispy (maybe someone should change the fryer oil). It’s difficult to mess up a fried egg, but the nice touch of eel sauce drizzled on top gives it an Asian flare. Radish and onions are plopped on the side and under all the ingredients: rice.

The Donburi Moriwase comes with a bit of everything ranging from fresh fish to fried goodness. It satisfies any rice bowl craving with a number of swimming creatures coming to life.

Korean Chef Seungjoon Jang shows how easy it is to make a must-have dish fly off the District’s shelves. While many people immediately opt for unagi, expand your horizons and mix the Asian elements together.

Even though there’s no website, the Facebook page regularly updates its customers with news including new dishes and a redesigned menu. Be on the lookout for a food truck rolling in DC. Donburi will soon travel outside Adams Morgan and branch out to other districts.

Donburi is located on 2438 18th St NW. Walk-in only.

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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