Gooey cheese bread that will make you melt

Almost a full year ago, I found myself exploring DC with my friend Joy. We ventured to Compass Rose in U Street and with the recent chilly weather, I longed for the gooey, cheesy Khachapuri —a traditional Georgian cheese-filled bread. With Halloween festivities in full swing, Justin and I stopped by Redeem to grab free paintings (courtesy of A Creative DC & KID ART), then quickly grabbed a table for two.


The dimly-lit venue placed candles on every table, while spider webs and mini skeletons filled the walls and ceilings. Young adults filled each table ranging from a six-month old pregnant woman and her lover to a group of co-workers enjoying food and drinking the night away.

Although we sat immediately, our hostess noted it was the last available. The wait time at this restaurant for service is notably slow, but my water glass was never left empty. The Lebanese Lamb Kofta showed up before my cocktail.

The tender, juicy meat reminds me of ground beef on a stick. The dish made me think how long it takes to prepare the kefta. The tahini complements the dish perfectly, adding a nice cream texture that pairs well with the every bite of meat. The mixture of grains on the side seems similar to quinoa and cleanses your palette from leftover grease with warm touch.

The waitress recommended this fruity cocktail called “This is for the G’s” that came with an orange to red gradient. After swirling the drink, it tasted of tangy and sweet with a nice kick of tequila.

What could be special about chicken skewers? Seems too easy to compose at home, yet Yelpers raved about the dish.

Each piece of meat squeezed rich juices and the light pomegranate molasses infused with a bit of spice added to all flavors. Served on the side, a cold couscous with bits of vegetables and feta cheese. Again, the cold grains refreshes your palette, so you’re left with hints of lemon in your mouth.

To finish off the night, we received our highly sought out Lebanese dish, reviewed by the Washington Post as a buttery pizza (I agree, it’s patted with tons of butter).

A waiter brings out the entree on a wooden board and mixes it with two forks. As he whips up the dish, he breaks apart the raw egg so it cooks with the hot cheese. The hot bread bread breaks apart easily and you can instantly tell the bread is made fresh daily.


Looks (and tastes) more outstanding than anyone gives it credit.

While our waitress didn’t offer dessert, I ordered a final cocktail: the Compass Rose. It’s exactly as it’s described, a champagne filled drink infused with pomegranate syrup, seeds and a splash of rose water. It’s the perfect way to end the evening in the hipster-decorated restaurant.

Explore this hole-in-a-wall treat and bring your next date here.

Compass Rose is located on 1346 T St NW. 


Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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