Restaurant Review: Bone Daddies

Ramen in London might be even better than America’s offerings.

The best part about London: the food. A melting pot of cultures and international cuisine fills the small city. British food contains significantly less oil and grease in comparison to the heaps seen on American dishes.

Naturally my first instinct is to find the best Japanese ramen, especially because dark skies and a drizzle of rain makes for the perfect setting. After debating trying the international Ippudo, I headed to Soho’s Bone Daddies for a delicious hot bowl of noodle soup worth the extra steps.

With a group of four, I sat immediately in the shop’s window, similar to bar seating. A contemporary look fills the small venue with young adults of all cultures scattered throughout.

Bibs are available for those with white shirts. Wine bottles filled with tap water can be easily poured into metallic industrial cups. If looking for a cocktail, try the YUZU Drink for a refreshing, citrus taste perfect for pre or post ramen.

While we skipped appetizers, we started with a small side order of kimchi. While it tasted more pickled and less traditional, it still had all the best qualities any Korean tried to define in this must-have side.

Featured below is the spicy miso ramen. Noodles in each bowl came out perfectly, a slightly hardened texture but still soft of the outside. The broth while had a bit more oil than necessary (baby pools can be seen when the bowl comes out), it tasted absolutely delicious with no butter in sight.

BoneDaddies-JustSouledOut BoneDaddies-JustSouledOut

Full jalapeño peppers come perfectly placed on the side of the bowl, as well as a gooey tea boiled egg (approved for its texture and quality).

Th kimchi ramen came out in a full red color, not that we expected anything less. Extra spicy, my tastebuds lit on fire (in a good way) and the corn added a nice composition to the overall bowl. The side came in handy when I wanted an extra crunch and coldness, but it pored well with the flavor of the broth.

BoneDaddies-JustSouledOut BoneDaddies-JustSouledOut

If you crave a warm bowl of noodle soup, there’s no other stop than Bone Daddies. The waiters act cool, calm and collected. They serve quickly, but not in a rushing manner that makes you feel forced to leave. The ambience brings out the best of a British-gone-Japanese hot spot. Skip your convenience store carbs and be sure to add this ramen joint to your bucket list, especially when you’re abroad.

Bone Daddies is located on 31 Peter St in London. No reservations. The shop suggests to “simply walk in, sit down and get going.”

Author: Just Souled Out

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