Made in America

Ending the summer with one of the most anticipated music festivals in Philadelphia.

Made in America Philadelphia took place this past weekend and I left with a horrible sickness and hatred for sold-out shows.

Bummer, it’s the only picture of me! Photo credit: Steven Asifo.

This year, Budweiser decided to mirror Firefly Festival‘s limited ticket options with the only possible way to attend the festival through a two-day ticket.

While I only attended one day, I won’t be heading back next year unless a VIP option becomes available. I attended the first day and sold my ticket for the second because I decided the time and effort wouldn’t be worth seeing J. Cole, Big Sean and the Weeknd after already seeing them this summer.

Yet, I made my way to Vic Mensa, who definitely gained charisma this past summer. From seeing him at Sweetlife Festival in May, the artist since released collaborations with both Skrillex and Kanye West. He even went so far as to cover Ye’s unreleased “Wolves” and an old Nirvana song. He soared through his performance gaining the crowd’s excitement and rapping his “U Mad” lyrics.

If you checked Twitter on Saturday, you saw that Meek Mill brought the bae (Nicki Minaj) on stage to help with his “All Eyes On You” song, but sadly Chris Brown made no such appearance.

Also notable…Nick Jonas. His fan base brought screaming tweens to loving young adults beginning his set with “Chains.” It was only then I realized how far he’s come from his Jonas Brothers days.

Cedric Gervais brought his A-game playing two Lana del ray songs through his set and Budweiser showed it kicked it up a notch with LEDs on fences at the Freedom Stage.

Finally, to end the night, Beyonc√© took home the gold. Beginning her set his 50 Shades of Grey remix of her own song “Crazy in Love,” I found myself dancing to her eerie voice as she landed on stage.

Yet, I personally expected more from the Queen B. Her performance remains memorable, but also similar to her past tour with a few changes in between. If anything, she needed a surprise appearance, especially from her hubby. But hey, it was her birthday the day before and we all know she probably practiced all day in preparation.

Budweiser Made in America, doubtful you’ll see me back, but thanks for a great end to the summer in a nearby city.

Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot. 

Tank: Rad Clothing.

Shorts: Express.

Boots: Dr. Martens.

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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