No scoops, just petals

Traveled to the Big Apple and stopped in Amorino to cool off with some gelato.

Ever since I left the city.

New York you remain my favorite city (but I don’t really miss living there).

Please tell me me what could be more refreshing than gelato on a hot summer day?

While all my friends Instagram their rolls of 10Below Ice Cream (it’s on my bucket list, but the hype is too much right now), I found myself in the heart of Chelsea and stopped by what is now one of my favorite ice cream shops, Amorino.

Inside this one-stop shop, the petal makers (not scoopers) dress in a signature ice-cream parlor outfit complete with all-black hat, apron and pants.

Carefully composing the ice cream, each flavor is placed neatly to form the shape of a flower. The shop’s creators wanted a different, more beautiful take on a classic Italian treat, and they succeeded because this dessert is not only pretty, but also delicious.

The shop reminds you of a boutique in Italy. A few tall round tables encompass the open space where a few sit and utilize the free wi-fi or enjoy their own cone.

The brick walls give you that New York city vibe, with it’s historical look alongside with wooden cabinets displaying size options, drinks and made-to-order treats.

At each table, you’ll find a cute hipster mason jar with fake flowers inside. A cute touch, especially for the ambiance of this place.

As you can tell, I enjoyed my cold treat. I’m also obsessed with my pick-me-up black fine-lined skirt from Akira in Chicago (link below). I’m all about a cute crop top paired with a high-waist skirt.

Sunglasses: Free People

Shirt: Stussy

Skirt: Akira

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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