Restaurant Review: Genji Ramen

Whole Foods seems to have it all. From groceries to takeaway meals, if you need something, more than likely the store will have it.

When I stumbled upon an actual ramen shop inside of the Fairfax Whole Foods though, I knew I needed to try it. I didn’t have high expectations, and I suggest you don’t either. It’s nothing special, but grocery store noodle soup.

The ramen shop is open regular hours, so if you’re really craving a steaming bowl of soup, then you can go here.


Most notable, the bowl is made of ingredients from the Whole Foods store. You’ll see fresh vegetables, a steamer and a small kitchen with bar-like seating surrounding the area. It’s good for chatting with a co-worker and enjoying a not-so-authentic Japanese dish.


The bao seems to be made of a wheat bread, unlike anything I’ve seen before. It has the same dough-like consistency, but I would much rather still go elsewhere. Inside is pork, but beware, it’s not pork belly (actually it’s braised pork). Too many scallion strings over power the dish and the moist lettuce makes the composition fall a part almost instantly.

Side dishes are not a necessity for this ramen bowl as it already comes complete with everything included in it. The presentation comes in small dishes on a wooden platter, which appears pretty.


The egg remains too hard-boiled and doesn’t have that yolky texture that make a bowl of ramen crave worthy.



There’s nothing special about these dishes. Above are spicy miso and traditional tonkotsu ramen. Neither are flavorful enough and in either of the main ingredients, which is disappointing. Personally, I would drive the additional 15 minutes and eat at a more authentic place. That’s just me though! 


Genji Ramen is located on 4501 Market Commons Drive. Fairfax, VA. Walk-in and enjoy. 

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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