The Beach

Who needs sunblock when you can visit the beach indoors?!

The Beach exhibition at the National Building Museum opened on July 4 with a huge crowd waiting to experience the plastic-ball ocean.

Not only did the renowned home to the finest architecture begin the giant ball-pit on Independence Day, but also filled the area with kids, parents and young adults all looking to experience the fun first hand.

Partnering with Snarkitecture, the museum covered the floor of 10,000 square feet with an ocean of translucent plastic balls. Upon entering, guests can find their “beach spot” with several summer chairs perfectly spaced for both the family with screaming kids and the young couple looking to take pictures.


The ocean starts shallow and quickly turns so deep that people drown in a sea of balls. In the back of the exhibit are mirror panels to create the illusion of a never-ending ocean.

 Bring a floaty, grab a snack at the bar or kick back with a good book because once you enter, you’ll never want to leave!

The Beach is open now through September 7, 2015 at the National Building Museum on 401 F St NW.


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