Restaurant Review: Compass Rose

After procrastinating months and months, I finally tried Compass Rose in U Street.

I usually steer clear of hipster-looking restaurants. They’re usually dimly lit, eerie and filled with miscellaneous furniture pieces (nothing will be uniform). But I was glad to hop into the small space. At 9 p.m. there’s still a good 30-minute wait.

If you read anything, read this: the Khachapuri (Georgian pizza) does not disappoint. Its cheesy goodness isn’t too heavy and the egg combines perfectly with all of the flavor. The bread reminds me of “good’ bread at a classy restaurant; fluffy on the inside and just perfectly toasted on the surrounding edges.

Compass Rose creates international dishes, which can be seen in the variety of dishes varying from different countries. Aside from the Khachapuri, I sipped the Compass Rose signature cocktail (just bubbly and fruity enough for my taste buds) and tried the calamari.

The squid/octopus dish was slightly disappointing and quite salty for me (and I love my sodium). Don’t order the dish. I should have ordered two Khachapuris, but that much butter might give me a heart attack. Regrets. Le sigh.


Compass Rose is located at 1346 T St NW. The restaurant doesn’t accept reservations. For questions, call 202.506.4765.

Author: Just Souled Out

Justine is a sneakerhead, streetwear lover based in the greater Washington DC area. Follow her on

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